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Out with the old, in with the new

Coins2Learn Jan 20, 2018 [rt_reading_time] min

Note: We’ve upgraded the Coins2Learn cryptocurrency exchange simulator to include a superior trading engine, new price chart tools, and all sorts of other exciting features. Read about it here: Coins2Learn 2.0: what’s new? 

You can also check out the new platform here.

Every day, thousands of people are learning about cryptocurrencies for the first time. Hundreds more are having their first a-ha moment, as they realize the possibilities for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to positively reshape civilization.

There’s no denying where all of this new interest is coming from. The incredible influx of money into cryptocurrencies in 2017 has created a strong incentive for people around the world to learn about what cryptocurrencies are and how to invest in them.

More interest in cryptocurrencies is certainly a good thing, but uneducated investing is not. Volatility in crypto markets far exceeds anything that you’d see in traditional markets such as stocks, options, or Forex. As a result, the risks involved with buying Bitcoin or any other crypto are extreme. One of the best ways to mitigate risk is with knowledge and experience.

That’s where Coins2Learn comes in. At its core, the purpose of the Coins2Learn platform is to make the world of cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone. It’s a free learning platform containing a simulator that follows the real price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency markets. When people sign up on the platform, they are given a sum of “play” money, which they can use to invest in cryptocurrencies without any financial risk.

On its own, this trading simulator allows users to gain valuable experience navigating these volatile cryptocurrency markets. However, the simulator isn’t the only learning tool on the platform. Coins2Learn also integrated social media features that allow users to connect and interact with a community of fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders. This will help to promote the spread of knowledge and ideas.

Each month, the top performers in the global trading league will be rewarded with real cryptocurrency prizes. In this way, gamification is used to create competition and give extra visibility to the most profitable traders. As a result, users will be even more engaged and motivated to learn.

The coming years will see cryptocurrencies transition from the innovator and early-adopter phase into the mainstream. The more opportunity people have to learn about this exciting technology in a safe and fun way, the faster it will spread. With its official launch, Coins2Learn will begin providing that opportunity to people across the globe.

To start trading cryptocurrencies with play money, register for free on our bitcoin game and join us on our journey to the moon. 🚀

Coins2Learn is more than a cryptocurrency trading simulator

We are a place for both beginners and advanced traders to learn how to invest in Bitcoin or how to day trade cryptocurrency, as well as start trading altcoins, practice skills, test strategies, or even become Bitcoin traders for a living. Every user starts with $10k in play money to buy and sell Bitcoin and 90+ other altcoins in a currency exchange simulator that imports data from the market in real time. On top of that, among all the other Bitcoin trading sites, we are the only one who allows you to make passive income by selling trading signals or automatically copying the signals of successful traders in real exchanges to make the same profits. You can also earn real money in our Bitcoin simulator by inviting friends and championing leagues that offer prizes. All of this is wrapped in a fun gamification system with rankings, levels, achievements, and XP, making Coins2Learn the most engaging virtual coin market game in the world.

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