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When humans first developed language and writing systems, they were able to exchange information and further the advancement of civilization more rapidly than ever before.

When humans first developed money, they were able to exchange it for goods and services far more efficiently than bartering systems of the past.

With the development of the internet, the exchange of information and money was revolutionized once again to be more efficient and globally accessible.

Satoshi Nakomoto’s invention of Bitcoin and the hundreds of cryptocurrencies that have been created since are already beginning to transform financial systems. Decentralization and peer to peer transactions are opening up a whole new world of economic opportunity.

Now we are introducing our simulator to spread knowledge, trading techniques, and ideas about cryptocurrencies to as many people as we can possibly reach. By providing a free simulator and giving users fake money to invest and trade with, we take the risk out of cryptocurrency exchanges so that users can gain experience and confidence.

We want to play a part in transforming the financial world and, consequently, the world itself. Our simulator is intended to allow more people to confidently embrace this amazing new technology and to help usher in an economic revolution through democratization of financial systems.