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Learn to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies

Coins2Learn Jun 12, 2019 [rt_reading_time] min

If you ever wondered “Should I invest in Bitcoin?” but you don’t know anything about it, then the answer is no: not using your own money without devoting some time to learn to trade, that is.

The most successful people are not the ones who master what they do and then stop, but those who never quit learning. In an ever-changing market such as crypto, staying up to date is essential to make profitable trades, even in bad scenarios.

Helping you do that is our blog’s mission. Whether you ended up here because you want to learn about Bitcoin, get insights on trading strategies, or find tips on how to invest in cryptocurrency, we have the right article for you.

Here, you’ll find pieces about not only the most basic subjects (e.g. What is Bitcoin and how does it work? How to make money with Bitcoin?) but also complex ones, such as tips on how to turn crypto signals into real profits and guides on how to start day trading for beginners & experts. Our comprehensive crypto guides cover the history of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, as well as basic crypto terms. We also have articles on how to make the best of our features in Coins2Learn — after all, there is no better teacher than hands-on experience.

All of this content is based on our own users’ expertise — every trade in our simulator is passed through our database so we can get insights and spot patterns. Besides, articles are written by a team who knows how to invest in cryptocurrency through years of practice, and they are carefully crafted to be didactic but technical enough for everyone, from amateurs to professional traders.

Start your journey to success now

Feel like learning a new skill, improving your strategies, or staying up to date? Check out this article on every feature that will help you learn to trade in Coins2Learn. 

Coins2Learn is more than a cryptocurrency trading simulator

We are a place for both beginners and advanced traders to learn how to invest in Bitcoin or how to day trade cryptocurrency, as well as start trading altcoins, practice skills, test strategies, or even become Bitcoin traders for a living. Every user starts with $10k in play money to buy and sell Bitcoin and 90+ other altcoins in a currency exchange simulator that imports data from the market in real time. On top of that, among all the other Bitcoin trading sites, we are the only one who allows you to make passive income by selling trading signals or automatically copying the signals of successful traders in real exchanges to make the same profits. You can also earn real money in our Bitcoin simulator by inviting friends and championing leagues that offer prizes. All of this is wrapped in a fun gamification system with rankings, levels, achievements, and XP, making Coins2Learn the most engaging virtual coin market game in the world.

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