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Top crypto Twitter accounts about the crypto market

Coins2Learn Jul 24, 2019 [rt_reading_time] min

There’s a little niche of Twitter where information, constructive discussion, and funny memes can all be found in abundance. It’s called Crypto Twitter (CT for short), and it’s a great place for anybody who wants to learn about the crypto market, bitcoin investment and cryptocurrency trading.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best accounts in the crypto world, which you can use to pursue your curiosities and develop your own expertise.

Note: you can click on the full name heading for each account to open their profile in a new tab.

Best Twitter accounts for learning about cryptocurrency

If you don’t understand anything about how blockchain technology works or why digital currency can have value, you probably won’t last very long in the competitive crypto market. For that reason, it’s a good idea to follow some technology experts who can help you learn about the deeper parts of the industry, even if they may not directly talk about how to make money with Bitcoin.

Nick was involved in cryptocurrency before Bitcoin was even created, and is widely considered one of the pioneers in the space. In fact, many people have suspected Nick of being the true creator of Bitcoin, although he has consistently denied that it’s the case. 

If you’re ready to go down the Bitcoin rabbit hole to learn about the origins of money, Austrian economics, cyber security, and more, then we highly recommend following Nick on Twitter and checkout out his blog: Unenumerated.

This Greek blockchain and Bitcoin expert may be responsible for evangelizing more cryptocurrency enthusiasts than anybody else on the planet. Andreas is the author of several highly-reviewed books: Mastering Bitcoin, Mastering Ethereum, and The Internet of Money.

In addition, Andreas speaks to audiences around the world about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies in general. He also has a popular YouTube channel with hours upon hours of educational content on all things cryptocurrency, which is a great place to start if you’re a beginner who’s wondering what is Bitcoin and how does it work?

Best Twitter accounts for cryptocurrency investment

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are somewhere in between day traders and HODLers. In other words, they don’t spend 8+ hours per day looking at charts and thinking about the market, but they don’t just leave their portfolio unmanaged for months at a time either. This class of enthusiast is best described as the investors, and fortunately there are many exceptional investors who share their insights about crypto on Twitter. Here are a few of them:

Ari is an experienced institutional (i.e. professional) investor who has spent years navigating the crypto market. He is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Managing Partner at BlockTower Capital, a company which professionally manages cryptocurrency investment portfolios.

Although he’s always insightful and transparent, Ari truly proved his integrity and expertise during Bitcoin’s incredible price surge that ended in December 2017. If you listened to 99% of Twitter accounts at the time, you might have bought the top of the Bitcoin market. If you listened to Ari, you were more likely prepared to buy Bitcoin when the markets corrected. If learning how to invest in Bitcoin is your goal, Ari is a must-follow.

Murad and his brother, Misir, are a couple of intelligent thinkers with uniquely valuable perspectives on cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin. With occasional price chart analysis and frequent insights on the crypto market in general, you won’t go wrong by following these two and absorbing all the intelligence they share through Twitter, podcasts, blog articles, and more.

The Mahmudov brothers may not help you a lot in getting from 0 to 20 in the Bitcoin investing game. That said, they will certainly help you get from 20 to 100. We recommend that you give them a follow regardless of what level you’re at now, because all of us want to get to level 100 eventually. ⬆️

Unlike Ari Paul, Marc de Masel isn’t an institutional investor nor does he manage other people’s funds. Also, the majority of Marc’s content is on YouTube rather than Twitter, although the latter is the best way to find out when he’s posted new content and to engage with him.

We recommend Marc primarily to those who are Bitcoin investing beginners because he talks a lot about the general mentality and strategy that made him successful. Marc isn’t the person to look to for trading signals or crypto day trading advice. But if you want to eventually be investing or trading for a living, you can learn a lot from the experience Marc shares freely.

Best Twitter accounts for day trading crypto

There are countless personalities on Twitter who claim to be successful Bitcoin traders, but it’s uncommon for any to provide evidence of their claims. Furthermore, the amount you can improve as a trader just by reading tweets from another trader is relatively limited. Instead, we recommend following some accounts that provide unique analytics on the crypto world to better inform your trading strategies.

TheTIE is a fast-growing platform that provides alerts and analysis on market sentiment, cryptocurrency prices, technical and on-chain data, and more. Their website,, provides a great dashboard that you can use to gain an edge in the market, which you can then test out on our Bitcoin trading game.

Similar to TheTIE, CoinMetrics is a company that specializes in analytics and research in the crypto market. With unique metrics such as the Untouched Supply of Bitcoin (i.e. Bitcoin that hasn’t been transferred for > 5 years), there are plenty of advantages to gain by following CoinMetrics.

Note: Check out the Global Rankings on Coins2Learn and see which of the top traders are also active on their Social Feed. There are plenty of experts out there who don’t have thousands of followers on social media (yet), so why not be an early follower and access the insights that few other people know about?

Take action

Crypto Twitter can be pretty entertaining at times. In fact, there’s rarely a day that passes by without some interesting story, deep analysis, or heated debate. But if you want all your time spent in CT to be worthwhile, the best thing to do is to be proactive rather than just looking for quick thrills. 

That might mean taking notes on a blog post from Nick Szabo or YouTube video from Andreas Antonopoulos. Or perhaps you could do some critical thinking about content shared by Ari Paul or one of the Mahmudov brothers, so that you can understand their perspective. Similarly, you could use one of Marc de Masel’s YouTube videos to create your own systematic crypto investment strategy.

As for those of you who hope to begin day trading cryptocurrency or investing in it, what better place to start than by applying some analysis from TheTIE or CoinMetrics to trades on our exchange simulator? Now is a great time to take advantage of the opportunities available to us through this new world of cryptocurrency.

Coins2Learn is more than a cryptocurrency trading simulator

We are a place for both beginners and advanced traders to learn how to invest in Bitcoin or how to day trade cryptocurrency, as well as start trading altcoins, practice skills, test strategies, or even become Bitcoin traders for a living. Every user starts with $10k in play money to buy and sell Bitcoin and 90+ other altcoins in a currency exchange simulator that imports data from the market in real time. On top of that, among all the other Bitcoin trading sites, we are the only one who allows you to make passive income by selling trading signals or automatically copying the signals of successful traders in real exchanges to make the same profits. You can also earn real money in our Bitcoin simulator by inviting friends and championing leagues that offer prizes. All of this is wrapped in a fun gamification system with rankings, levels, achievements, and XP, making Coins2Learn the most engaging virtual coin market game in the world.

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Top crypto Twitter accounts about the crypto market ...

There’s a little niche of Twitter where information, constructive discussion, and funny memes can all be ...

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