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Coins2Learn 2.0: what’s new?

Coins2Learn Jun 12, 2019 [rt_reading_time] min

We are launching a new version of Coins2Learn‘s exchange simulator. After going live in 2017, we got valuable feedback from users and realized we had a lot to improve. This upgrade is now ready and a lot changed.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to what’s new.

Where we came from

Our origin taps into the very essence of human beings: the desire to master our skills to freely pursue our purpose in life. We believe making cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone is a unique opportunity for that.

So how can we overcome the fear and ignorance that has contributed to hindering their mainstream adoption? Well, we can begin by teaching people the necessary skills to safely invest and trade.

What was the challenge

When we started out, the crypto space lacked a safe and free place for people to learn to trade, practice, and earn from investing. But we knew just a basic exchange simulator wouldn’t be enough: it had to be easy-to-use, fun, and challenging at the same time.

That’s why we ditched the first version of our cryptocurrency exchange simulator and started again from scratch to create a whole new digital ecosystem. A social, educational, and profitable.

What’s new

The only thing we didn’t change was our purpose. The cryptocurrency investing simulator is still provided with 90+ coins and live data from the biggest exchanges in the crypto market, but we added limit and stop orders and trading analysis tools — which will make your experience even more authentic.

Then, we created features to make our platform interesting not only for learners, but also successful traders (plus fun for everyone).

  • User-friendly interface

Clean, intuitive, and delightful. That’s what we had in mind when we revamped our looks. First, we got rid of the red tones to make room for more white and purple. Then, we added cool illustrations. Finally, we made things come to life: elements are not static anymore, after all, this is a dynamic market.

  • Marketplace for cryptocurrency trading signals

How to make simulated trades actually worth money? We came up with a two-way solution. For users who are already successful at their cryptocurrency investments, this is possible by selling their trading signals. On the other hand, those who are learning how to trade Bitcoin and altcoins can profit by subscribing to the expert traders’ feeds, so they can copy trades with great ROI and apply them in real exchanges.

  • Trading bot to replicate signals in real exchanges

Copy successful trading strategies and profit like a pro. With our Copy My Mentor feature, you can benefit from your peers’ expertise by turning simulated trading signals into passive income. We’ll connect you to Binance, one of the most trusted exchanges in the world, so your account will automatically replicate in the real market the portfolios and orders of the mentors you subscribe to in our platform.

  • New kinds of leagues

Besides our global league, where every user is automatically competing, we have three other kinds of leagues to enhance your chances to earn BTC and altcoins: sponsored leagues, community leagues, and educational leagues, which can be public or private.

  • Gamification system

To make our cryptocurrency exchange simulator fun and challenging, we decided to turn it into a kind of Bitcoin game: now we have XP, achievement quests, levels, and rankings.

  • Social feed and coin communities

Social connections are at the core of cryptocurrencies — after all, it is (literally) a peer-to-peer system. That’s why we designed a social feed with a familiar interface, so you can meet people with your same purpose, share what you know, and learn from others. Coin communities, for their turn, provide specialized content about the cryptocurrencies you are interested in.

Register to see how all of that works

Since the best way to learn is through hands-on experience, we invite you go try these features to learn more about us.

Coins2Learn is more than a cryptocurrency trading simulator

We are a place for both beginners and advanced traders to learn how to invest in Bitcoin or how to day trade cryptocurrency, as well as start trading altcoins, practice skills, test strategies, or even become Bitcoin traders for a living. Every user starts with $10k in play money to buy and sell Bitcoin and 90+ other altcoins in a currency exchange simulator that imports data from the market in real time. On top of that, among all the other Bitcoin trading sites, we are the only one who allows you to make passive income by selling trading signals or automatically copying the signals of successful traders in real exchanges to make the same profits. You can also earn real money in our Bitcoin simulator by inviting friends and championing leagues that offer prizes. All of this is wrapped in a fun gamification system with rankings, levels, achievements, and XP, making Coins2Learn the most engaging virtual coin market game in the world.

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