About - Coins2Learn

We have a story

Our origin taps into the very essence of human beings: the desire to master our skills to freely pursue our purposes. We believe making cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone is a unique opportunity for making all of that come true. So how can we overcome the fear and ignorance that has contributed to hindering its mainstream adoption? The crypto space has lacked a safe and free place to learn, practice and earn from investing. But just a trading simulator wouldn’t be enough. It had to be easy-to-use, fun and challenging at the same time. That’s why, instead of designing a simulated crypto exchange, we decided to create a game.  A social, educational and profitable one.


Just like you, we have a purpose

Our motivation for getting up every morning is to empower people to reach their goals by helping them master and profit from cryptocurrency.

And dreams, too

By helping as many people as possible to overcome their fear and become succesful cryptocurrency investors, we aim to build a better-connected world. To do so, we want to be the most trusted and easiest-to-use platform for learning and earning crypto.

We believe that

Profit is the result of how much you invest in yourself. Purpose is what connects us. Knowledge is decentralized. Small actions lead to big changes. Together we achieve more. Learning takes practices, not time. Future is happening right now. Effort is nothing without recognition. Failure teaches better than success. Life is fun.

These values are at the core of our own methodology

Adding earning to learning is so easy equation. But we've manage to solve it through the following sum.


Through our social feed and bot to copy trades, we promote a smaller, more informal opportunity for exchanging knowledge. These features connect succesful investors to people looking for improvement so they can easily offer and receive quick, but effective lessons, tips and examples - all on-demand



Learning should never be a drag. This is why we believe in decentralized knowledge: when each one of us shares what we know in an open, mutual environment, the process becomes more accessible and exciting. More than that, microlearning gives us autonomy. By collecting tiny pueces of knowledge from here and there, you can decide exactly what you want to master and do it at your own pace, according to your personal goals.



You don't have to put everything you learned into action all by once. By applying your skills into microdoses of practice, you are able to understand, manage and improve what you are doing. Day by day, one simulated transaction at a time, we give you the chance to become a better investor and person.



By combining those three elements, we empower people in a microscale - and that is huge. After all, when we teach you how to make money, we make it possible for you to master your capabilities and get the autonomy to pursue your goals. And when we connect capable, free and purpose-driven people like you in the community, we get the strength to make a change and impact the world. We promote micropower

Get where you want one trade at a time.

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