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1.1 - The purpose of this Regulation is to establish the operating rules of "Coins2Learn"

1.2 - "Coins2Learn" is an investment simulator, made available on the Internet, promoted by Coins2Learn Company, whose objective is to provide the public with familiarity and basic knowledge about the cryptocurrency market, allowing the Participants to practice real life cryptocurrency trading using "play money"

1.2.1 Coins2Learn will coordinate the Coins2Learn Company, which will judge cases not covered by this regulation and whose decisions, under the terms of this regulation, are sovereign and unrepeatable




2.1 - Registration for participation in "Coins2Learn" is free and must be done at https://coins2learn.com/, which is the only form of registration.

2.2 - Coins2Learn Company may request the verification of the information registered whenever it deems necessary.

2.3 - Individuals domiciled in all countries ("Participants") may register to participate in the "Coins2Learn".

2.4 - The registration data necessary to carry out the registration include username, email and password and other data that the Coins2Learn coordination understands as appropriate, as provided in the aforementioned World Wide Web page.

2.4.1 - Participants of any age shall be allowed to participate.

2.5 - Each Participant may only make one registration. The Participant identified by the coordination of "Coins2Learn" with more than one register will lose the right to participate in the award if his position in the ranking grants him this condition, and will have the registration(s) canceled without previous notice.

2.6 - At the time of registration, the Participant must inform his/her e-mail and create a personalized password, which is essential to allow access to "Coins2Learn". The completed e-mail will be used as the access code for each Participant.

2.7 - Entries can be made on October 1, with no deadline for registration, so that the Participants will compete with others who have registered in the period before or after them.



3.1 - There will be 12 (twelve) simulation cycles per month. Participants may compete in 1 (one) categories, simultaneously or not, according to the requirements for each classification, defined below:

(i) Monthly classification: corresponds to the monthly ranking of the Participants, i.e., the establishment of a classification, according to the profitability of the user's cryptocurrencies portfolio in that cycle, from the most profitable to the least profitable, considering, for first placed, as provided in Article 4 of this regulation;

3.2 - The periods will last for 1 (one) month, starting on the first day and ending on the final day of each month.

3.3 - Coins2Learn, in its sole discretion, may disclose the classification of other participants or leagues to confirm its own criteria

3.4 - In the event of an irregularity concerning the requirements referred to in article 3.2, the prizes will be assigned to the next one, provided that it also has no irregularity, and so on, the prize is awarded to the entrant who agrees with the provisions of the following Regulation.

3.5 - At the time of registration, the Participant will receive a fictitious credit equivalent to $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) that will be used exclusively for the formation of a cryptocurrency portfolio.

3.6 - Only the cryptocurrency buying and selling operations in the cash market will be allowed within the simulation.

3.7 - Only purchases whose financial value is within the credit available to each Participant will be made effective. If the issued order is greater than the amount of money in the wallet, the system will not process this order.

3.8 - Only sales carried out within the limit of the quantity of each cryptocurrency in the portfolio will be processed. Sales will be treated as available credit. If the issued order is greater than the number of shares in the portfolio, the system will not process this order.

3.9 - For all operations carried out in the simulation, fictitious rates will be applied close to those applicable in the real market.

3.10 - The hypothetical handling of cryptocurrency will obey the criteria established below:

3.10.1 - Cryptocurrencies bought/sold will have their amounts credited/debited in the position of the Participant's portfolio at the time the order is executed and its cash value debited/credited from the cash register.

3.11 - "Coins2Learn" will make available in specific screens Balance / Ranking of accompaniment that will allow the Participant to know:

(i) The composition of its investment portfolio;

(ii) The current value of its investment portfolio, as well as its profitability index within the simulation period;

(iii) Its performance of the current simulation cycle.

3.12 - The website www.coins2learn.com will contain information about the cryptocurrencies that make up the simulator.

3.13 - The Participant that conducts undue, irregular, or not consistent negotiations with the real market, will have the orders canceled. In this case, the investment portfolio and the cash value will return to the time before the irregular trading. It will be up to the coordination to judge the missing cases for awards questions.



4.1 - Monthly classification:

4.1.1 - At the end of each cycle, it will be considered the winner of the Monthly ranking, the Participant that presents the best portfolio profitability index against the other Participants in the same reporting period.

4.1.2 - The 1-50th places of the Monthly classification will be awarded a single payment in Bitcoin. The winners will receive from Coins2Learn coordination all the necessary information so that they can receive the payments

4.1.4 - In case of draws in the Monthly classification, the Participant with the oldest register will be considered the winner.




5.1 - The registration of the Participants implies in the prior and integral agreement with the requirements of this regulation.

5.2 - The registered Participants authorize the use of their registration data by the coordination of "Coins2Learn" to receive emails referring to products and services of the institutions that organize "Coins2Learn".

5.3 - Coins2Learn's coordination, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to suspend or cancel the registration of Participants who are misusing the system and breaking the laws presented on this statute.

5.4 - The user who does not comply with all the conditions of this regulation will be automatically disqualified.

5.5 - Participants declare themselves aware that "Coins2Learn" is a mere simulation, as well as the criteria for cadastral analysis, investment profile, required guarantees and operational procedures may not correspond to those adopted in a real negotiation.

5.6 Coordination of Coins2Learn reserves the right to modify unilaterally, without prior notification to the Participants, this regulation, and always keep the regulation updated at www.coin2learn.com for consultation.