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we make exchanges possible.

Cryptocurrency markets are volatile and full of risk. Our safe and free simulator teaches you how to
exchange bitcoins and altcoins and improve your trading abilities, without risking real money.


The simulator is free to use -- after all, our goal is
to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and to promote decentralization of financial markets.


Trading through a simulator enables you to gain valuable experience and confidence trading cryptocurrencies without risking real money.


Improve your trading techniques by engaging in discussions with other players and learning from professionals on the platform.


Our simulator is programmed to follow the real oscillations of digital coin markets. Start trading today with $10,000 in play money!


Join our global league and compete with players around the world. Climb the rankings to earn monthly prizes!


Finish among the Top 100 players in the Global League and you’ll be rewarded with real Bitcoins & altcoins.